poppy huggy playtime horror 3D

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Poppy Horror Playtime Game, a good old classic hide and seek game with a little horror twist. Run hiding from Huggy Wuggy because if he gets you, he'll squeeze you till you pop. As a hider, you must be fast to run away from Huggy's hand while helping to free your captured teammates in the crazy maze filled with traps. FEATURES: ∙ Thrilling and suspenseful gameplay ∙ Amazing 3D visuals ∙ Intuitive control ∙ Fun and addictive Enjoy brand new poppy game characters and squid survival dolls in old classic hide and seek games. Huggy Wuggy is on the way! If you ever know about Poppy Horror character, it's Playtime for you to get start in this game. Don't let Huggy wuggy and Kissy missy catch you, scary squid dolls find out where you are, when and where you will be found is up to you. Play the role as a seeker or a hider. You will need to find your suitable shelters to be safe and free and be the mystery last survival from Huggy Wuggy. Try your best to survive in this horror journey!

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