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Grocery Shopping has never been so fun! Be the best Grocery Cashier Manager. Play as a cashier in your very own grocery store with realistic supermarket cash register machines. Shop in the Amazing Grocery Market Cashier shops : Fruit Shop, Grocery Shop, Cycle Shop, Bakery Shop, Clothes Mall, Sweets & Dessert Shop… and many more. show-off your knowledge about money management! Features: - Shopping Games that are fun for all ages! - Perfect game for practicing counting money or calculating changes - Lots of Shops to serve as a cashier & manager - The most realistic cash register simulation game - Learn math skills such as sorting, counting, adding and subtracting - Play Fun Mini Games to get more cash & rewards! Play Mini Games like : Fishing, Fruit Slash, Space Games, and many more… Our cash register game is the best way to get some practice on all the cash register types of jobs, shop in the supermarket and become the best cash manager! A perfect grocery market cash register game that teaches you to Handle Cash counter at grocery cash register counter. Do you love to use scanner at the grocery supermarket ? then, you’ll love this game. Shop for the grocery items, Scan them, manage the items in the cash register machine enter the total using the cash register keys, pay by cash or card. Learn how to pay by cash or card. Being a Cashier, you can Learn to calculate balance, add prices, subtract products. Compute supermarket Grocery items Cart. Serve customers in super market to get rewards! Exercise your brain with time management skills.

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