Birdy Bird Floppy

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Birdy Bird Floppy is an arcade game about a bird that you control and whose main goal is to get as far as possible by flying around the screen avoiding pipes. There are many obstacles one has to go through if they want to keep their high scores, but apart from being able to fly uninterruptedly, one of its main objectives is not being hit by a pipe. Play the 'Birdy Bird Floppy' game now online. You control a feathered creature of some sort that can glide through obstacles made up of pipes floating in the air! Don't touch these pipes or you'll lose - and lose some health points (Floppy Bird). The goal is to fly as far as you can without running into anything. If a pipe ends your bird's life, then try again with a new one! This arcade game has plenty of action, but also requires strategy to achieve the best possible score.

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