Anime High School Couple - First Date Makeover

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A new doll styling app where you pick hairstyles, facial features, makeup, apparel and accessories for a Japanese young chick and a guy on their romantic go-out. Rummage through the large wardrobes of both comic characters and try out dozens of fashionable garments: dresses, pants, shorts, tops, skirts and more. Explore options and design all kinds of outfits. E.g. give the pair an intelligent, geeky look with glasses and formal suits or jackets. Or go for the cool popular image. Go glam / classy for a prom queen outfit, and maybe make the guy look like a quarterback of the college baseball team. Be the fashion-, hairstyle- and looks-designer for the young lovers. Fill first date with romance and happiness, and the girl would write a cute love poem in her romantic diary about her crush tonight. Press "More games" button inside the application to download more Android apps for girls with kawaii anime graphics. In our salon & fashion games, you can decorate moe animatronic characters, cartoonish chibi princesses, Asian highschool students in the traditional short skirts, high heels and sailor school uniforms popular in Japan. Our digital makeovers are great for otakus of Japanese pop culture and cartoon girls with an awesome schoolgirl look. Dressing beautiful virtual dolls is fun to an otaku of manga comics and anime figurines, but also to any fashionista and dressup lover.

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