Angry Zombies City

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What should you do with a Catapult loaded with stones? Shoot zombies, of course! ANGRY ZOMBIES is a fun and free arcade game that's all about destroying zombies! Each level in ANGRY ZOMBIES is packed full of destructible objects and crazy zombie enemies. Simply shoot, pull back and start shooting! Use precariously stacked crates and other environmental hazards to take out every zombie on the screen. If things get tough, ANGRY ZOMBIES provides the scariest environment but Nothing scares a zombie more than an destructive stone towards him. ANGRY ZOMBIES features so many levels. Unleash your inner zombie hunter and set off a massive zombie blasting chain reaction! ★ Features ★ ✔️ Loads of funny zombies to shoot ✔️ so many challenging levels ✔️ many types of lethal explosives ✔️ unique power-ups ✔️ Free to download and enjoy! Hurry, a tsunami of zombies are on our planet and it's created zombie anarchy everywhere. Your job is to become the best zombie shooter and smash the zombies into the dead. This is a zombie frontier filled with a swamp of zombies that are out to kill you and destroy the planet. You must use your kill shot skills to be the best zombie killer! So, what are you waiting for, download the top free ANGRY ZOMBIES game today. Whether you're a skilled shooter, bowman or a fan of zombie games, you'll love ANGRY ZOMBIES! It's free game, an addictive game, and way more fun than trying to shoot zombies in real life!

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